Phlizon 1000W COB Chip Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp Veg Bloom

Phlizon 1000W COB Chip Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp Veg Bloom

Phlizon 1000W COB Chip Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp Veg Bloom    Phlizon 1000W COB Chip Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp Veg Bloom

30w 3 head grow light. PHLIZON CREE COB LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Indoor Hydro Lamp VEG Flower. About Phlizon LED Grow Light. Various types of full spectrum grow lights with high quality, making your planting more efficient and easier. Why choose Led Grow Light? After testing the application, LED plant lights are very suitable for plant growth, flowering and fruit formation. As an artificial additional light, the light of the LED plant lamp can be amplified at any time in a whole day, effectively extending the lighting time of the plants.
Whether it is sunny, cloudy or rainy, LED plant lamps can adequately and effectively prolong the light needed for plants and control it scientifically. In a greenhouse or plant laboratory, plant growth light can completely replace natural light to ensure healthy plant growth and promote faster and better growth.
Compared to the HPS/MH/HID/CFL lamp, LED growth light can improve plant efficiency and save power! Why choose COB LED Grow Lights? Light Intensity - This is the most important factor that influences your plant growth, especially in flowering plants.

In this respect, COB LED is only behind HPS, it has a stronger light output than other light types, even the conventional LED growth lights. Light Spectrum - All modern LED growth lights, including COB LEDs, are known for their widest spectrum wavelengths. Some lamps also contain 12-color spectral colors, including IR (infrared radiation) and UR (ultraviolet radiation). Heat dissipation - heat ventilation is also a strength of the COB LED.

Thanks to modern technology, these LEDs can generate a strong light output while controlling the heat emitted. Some high-end COBs also use high-quality substrates, drivers, and fans that minimize heat. Size - Although more powerful COB LEDs, you'll never have such a compact light that still produces a lot of light as COB, making it better suited for small areas. Life - Depending on the COB material structure, most COBs can take between 30,000 and 60,000 hours. This is many times higher than other growth light types. VEG BLOOM and stronger ON help plants at all stages of their growing life-cycle, switch setting allows you to switch on/off at any time for different growing stage, without unplugging, as well as keep an unnecessary electricity waste increase the spectrum output. Can provide the true full spectrum(380nm-780nm) with the highest PPFD value. Applies high power COB and double chip LEDs which most closely mimics the natural sunlight and delieveries strong light, creating not only better plants, but reduced growing time and overall cost. CREE COB is known for high power and stability. Higher brightness, smaller thermal resistance, less light attenuation and longer life. Large aluminum heat sink and quality big fans cooler running make full spectrum led grow light gives off very little heat as well as the grow light fixture works in quiet, extending a longer service lifetime. The greater the density, the higher the value, the better the plant. The COB LED is much brighter and more efficient than conventional LEDs.

Advanced CREE LED Chips and Full Spectrum. As one of the best LED chips on the market, CREE COB LED is extremely powerful and stable, offering the true full spectrum (380 nm to 780 nm) with the highest PPFD value, much brighter and more efficient than conventional LEDs.

It is the key to promoting rapid and healthy plant growth. This light contains any kind of light that plants need. Nothing beats the sun when it comes to growing. The spectrum offers growers a truly optimized spectrum that comes as close as possible to the spectrum of sunlight. It is scientific and energy efficient than conventional MH HPS HID and CFL lamps. Ideal for herbs/vegetables/flowers, large-scale room plantings in all weathers.

Better fan and lower noise. All our LED growth lights passed the temperature test before leaving the factory. Built-in aluminum heat sink and airplane-quality high-heat aluminum housing that can quickly release heat from the inside out, keep the LEDs, cool and extend the life of the light. The aluminum shell gets a little hot when the light works, but don't worry, it's a normal phenomenon.

Has passed the CE and ROHS certification for the insulated power supply. Safe and good to ensure a long service life. Scientific and effective 90- to 120-degree angle design.
This CREE COB plant grows light at an angle of 90 to 120 degrees. It creates a wilder lighting area, increases brightness and significantly improves performance. We will give you an all-round satisfactory answer. inch. 2pcs COB, 40pcs 630-660nm, 6pcs 470nm, 5pcs 6500k, 3pcs 3000K, 2pcs UV, 2pcs IR. 1X 1000W LED grow easily. 1x Humidity meter of the thermometer. Seed / Breeding / Vegetables / Flower / For all planting stages / Green vegetables / Flower plant / Fruit plant / Herbs / Medicine / Meat plant etc. Indoor tent / hydroponics / horticulture / house plants / greenhouse lighting / pot culture / farm / water-soluble breeding / pipeline cultivation etc. Exhibition / House garden / Bonsai / House / Crops / Project / Personal growth / City and university research ect. 7.8 4.6 square feet the lighting area and height can be changed depending on the installation and environment. Setup time: Vegetative phase: 12-14 hours.
Flowering phase: 9-12 hours later. Fruit phase: 7-8 hours later. This LED growth light has UV and IR light, they are not as brighter than others, but it is normal and has a special function, no quality problem.
How to use the switch? Germination phase: Hang at 24-30 inches, turn on VEG/Bloom switch and illuminate 10h. Seeding phase: Hang at 24 inches, turn on VEG/Bloom switch and illuminate 12h.

Veg Stage: Hang at 18-24 inches, turn on both VEG/Bloom and Stronger and illuminate 18h. Bloom Stage: Hang at 18 inches, turn on VEG/Bloom and Stronger and illuminate for 12 hours. Please note: You can turn on the VEG / Bloom and Stronger switch at the same time during plant flowering, which can increase spectrum performance and promote plant growth. How does the specific wavelength dose? Blue - (wavelength: 440 nm, 470 nm): Help plants grow.

Red - (wavelength: 630 nm, 660 nm): Help plants grow and bloom. Red LED is the key to flowering plants. IR - (740nm): IR can promote the growth of plants. We add two-part IR LEDs. If you really need it in a particular situation for the entire spectrum. UV - (410 nm): UV can help plants breed and kill insects. We have developed a special design and added UV and IR LEDs for your needs. We are the professional lighting manufacture, since 2001, focus on LED Grow lights more than 10years. We dedicates to high quality and performance grow lights with higher PAR/PPF for indoor horticulture plants. We customized our grow lights with real full spectrum to optimize plants growth and improve yields with energy saving and reliability. Phlizon is committed to provide quality products and professional customer supports to every customer. We always keep to develop new products to satisfy our customers, providing high quality and top service to you. Phlizon is a brand born for plant growth, over 95% energy can be absorbed by plants. Are these items authentic Phlizon?

Re:Yes, they are 100% real and authentic. We directly get them from factory with excellent quality and competitive price more than 7 Years.

Sometimes, I turn off my light, it can't be completely extinguished, it's normal? Re: it's normal, can't affect the light work, just due to the voltage difference, if you mind it, can unplug it when you don't use it. What can I grow with your led grow lights? Re: Phlizon lights are great for all types of plants such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, medical plant, herbs, bonsai, fruits, etc. Our lights can be used in all growing stages from seedling to veg to flowering and harvest. Application: Seeding / Breeding/ Veg/ Flower/For all planting stages / Green Vegs / Flower Plant / Fruit Plant / Herbs / Medical / Meat Plant /Hydroponics / Horticulture / Indoor plants / Greenhouse Lighting / Pot Culture / Farm / Water Soluble Breeding / Pipeline Cultivation/Exhibition / House Garden / Bonsai / Home / Commercial Crops / Project / Personal Growing / Urban and University Research ect. Re:Many factors will affect plants growing, like spectrum, PAR value, real power draw.
For larger areas should I go with a single large panel or multiple medium to small lights? Re:Using multiple lights allows you to better distribute the intense light in more areas of the grow space instead of having all of the higher intensity light concentrated in only one area while the outer edges never receive intense light. Can I grow plants with my HPS together with LED? Re:Yes, you can, with a ratio of LED and HID/HPS of 2:1 or 1:1, you can get better growing result, bigger and higher quality buds. Goods delivered, but I didn't get it, how should I do?
Cause we are in China that we cannot contact your local service center. If they can't help, please submit your case number and the "unsigned certificate" to us, notice that your name and date should be written by your handwriting. And then we will appeal to the post office immediately. It will take 7 days to get reply, we'll send you feedback once we were informed.

Re:The ambient temperature should be maintained below 30 degrees Celsius, and it's normal the lamp shell temperature below 75 degrees Celsius. If you find that the temperature is too high during usage, check the ambient temperature, and then remove the power supply to the outside of the tent, increase the fan above the lamp. PHLIZON are committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing high quality led grow lighting solutions, for both home growing and commercial applications where reliability and precision are a key factor. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Hydroponics\Grow Lighting & Accessories\Grow Light Kits".

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  • COB qty choose: 2Xcob 1000w
  • Item Type: Grow Lights
  • Light Source: CREE COB LED Chip
  • Weight: 8.27 lbs
  • Certification: FCC,ROSH,CE
  • Length: 16.5inch
  • Application: All indoor plants,Garden/Greenhouse/Home Depot/Hydroponic/Soil
  • Energy Star: 10 Stars
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • Type: COB (Chip on Board) LED (Light Emiting Diode)
  • Power Consumption: 100w
  • Minimum Wavelength: 410 nm
  • Spectrum: Full
  • Brand: Phlizon
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Dimming Settings: 100%
  • Lumens: 6500 lm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: High Yields,low heat grow light, CREE COB LED, max yeild
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Lifespan: 50000 HOURS
  • Input Voltage: 240 V
  • Socket Size: us plug
  • Lighting Technology: cree cob led
  • Set Includes: LED Grow Light+Hanging kits, Adjustable rope Hangers, User Manual
  • Suitable For: Hydroponics/indoor plants/commercial crops,Flowering
  • Number of LEDs: 200
  • Maximum Wavelength: 780 nm

Phlizon 1000W COB Chip Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp Veg Bloom    Phlizon 1000W COB Chip Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp Veg Bloom